Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ is home to the world’s largest pipe organMidmer-Losh constructed one of the two instruments between 1929 and 1932 for the building previously known as the Atlantic City Convention Center. The biggest instrument, Opus 5550, 7/449, resides in the auditorium which is known for many years as the location of the Miss America Pageant.  Opus 5550 boasts two full length 64′ ranks and wind pressures of up to 100″ The second instrument built by W.W. Kimball, Opus 7073, 4/55, is  located  in the Adrian Phillips ballroom. Both instruments were designed by the same architect. Emerson Richards. Richard is credited with designing the Kimball instrument to be more than simply an organ that would accompany silent films.  The Kimball instrument is nearly 75% complete and is being used for special events.

View of the 64′ Contra Diaphone

Thanks to the ongoing work of the Historic Organ Restoration Committee (HROC) the main instrument is nearing the 50% operating capacity. Work is scheduled to be completed by 2023. This 16 million dollar restoration is funded through donations. Donations and membership to the HROC are welcome via their website.

Under the direction of Curator Nathan Bryson Wednesday noon-day concerts are available through live streaming on their facebook page. From May until September there are daily 30 minute recitals followed by 30 minute tours of the organ. Every Wednesday there is also a detailed two hour tour which gives access to non-public space.

The specifications for both instruments is available via these links:

Boardwalk Hall Midmer Losh

Adrian Phillips Ballroom







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