Hans Zimmers’ movie score for Interstellar uses the organ.


Since the beginning of “talking” movies music has been an integral element to film. Composers throughout the 20th and 21st century employ various ensembles to produce a cinematic musical score. In many movies the organ is an essential instrument.


Persons across Southern Ontario interested in the power of the organ will connect in a Virtual listening session on Monday, November 29th from 7 to 8:30 pm to learn more about the use of the organ in film.


The organizer is the Royal Canadian College of Organists (RCCO). The RCCO is the national voice of the organ and its music across Canada.


Four local RCCO Centres, Brantford, HamiltonNiagara, and Waterloo-Wellington, are participating in this first of its kind event in Canada to listen and to discuss the organ story and artist behind the soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer for use in the 2014 blockbuster movie Interstellar .


Roger Sayer never anticipated that his organ playing would be heard by millions as part of the soundtrack to this sci-fi film, but that’s exactly what happened after composer Hans Zimmer decided to record the epic score for orchestra and organ at the Temple Church, London, United Kingdom.


Sayer is the organist and Director of Music at Temple Church. He is featured on a FutureStops podcast which will be listened to during the virtual meeting.  Sayer shares how he became an organist, what it was like to record for a blockbuster film score, and why the organ is the perfect instrument for a film about time, love, and outer space.


The 90 minute RCCO virtual session on Monday, November 26th beginning at 7pm will be hosted by Alison Clarke, President of the RCCO Branford Centre. Following a brief period for introductions of those in attendance, the 32 minute podcast will be presented. After hearing the podcast, attendees will be organized into small break-out discussion groups to ask questions and share their impressions of the interview.


RCCO regional councilor Peter West commented, “This is a novel concept using technology to gather persons in disparate regions to build a stronger network for themselves and get them to share their enthusiasm for the organ.”


The zoom link is available to RCCO members via their Centre contact. Others interested may contact Peter West for details.


About the Royal Canadian College of Organists


Founded in 1909, the RCCO is the national voice of the organ and its music across Canada. It’s vision is: Inspiring connections with organ music. The RCCO supports, promotes, and celebrates Canada’s organ music community by providing learning opportunities, resources, outreach and professional development opportunities through programs and services. The RCCO seeks to enrich the lives of Canadians by engaging the wider public in Canada’s rich organ heritage and vibrant organ culture. The RCCO is committed to providing greater access to the organ and its music and actively engaging Canadians of all genders, ethnicities, age, abilities. Or geographic location in the art of the organ.


Visit www.rcco.ca


About FutureStops


FutureStops is a multi-faceted initiative established by the Royal Canadian College of Organists (RCCO) to help build a more diverse, rich and relevant future for the pipe organ, in Canada and internationally.


The podcast link and further information may be found at: www.FutureStops.org.

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