We welcome supporters of organ music whatever their background and you need not be a musician yourself. Our Niagara centre presents organ concerts, sometimes given by local members and sometimes with a visiting recitalist.

Many churches will pay the organist’s membership fee, recognizing the value of their being connected with the RCCO. In addition, the church itself may become an Institutional Member, whereby the church can nominate whoever it chooses to enjoy membership.

Only if you’ve earned them! If you achieve a College Diploma, then you can certainly add the appropriate letters as a qualification, such as CRCCO or ARCCO. However, simply joining the College is not in itself a qualification.

Yes. We encourage young people to join the RCCO and so offer half-price fees for students.

Whether you’re an organist, a choir director or simply someone who is deeply moved by the organ and its music, membership will offer you a multitude of opportunities to experience the instrument. Please click here to fill out the membership form and someone from the organization will get back to you promptly.

The oldest association of musicians in Canada, the RCCO was founded 1909 in Brantford, Ontario as the Canadian Guild of Organists, with the name being changed to the Canadian College of Organists in 1920. Please click here to visit the national website.