In a telephone conversation with James van den Brink, Centre President, and Elizabeth Shannon, Executive Director at RCCO National, about our upcoming Virtual Organ Crawl event of the Létourneau organ at the Cathedral on May 17, we were advised that this event be rescheduled and not held while in a lockdown order.

This is very unfortunate given the amount of preparation and co-ordination that has already been put into place for this exciting virtual event.  While we had no doubt that all health and safety protocols would have been followed, the event could create a liability for the College given that it is neither essential nor a religious service.  Additionally, members not from the same household would be present under one roof.  This all being said, deferring to a future date where the restrictions of the lockdown order are not in place, is therefore the right thing to do.

While the current lockdown restrictions prevent us now, even the most severe “Red Zone” restrictions would still permit this type of virtual event and so, as soon as the lockdown is lifted, we will work quickly to have this exciting event rescheduled. 

Many of the preparations which have already been completed can be transferred to a later date and so thankfully not all is entirely lost by deferring.

Watch for a future date coming post lockdown in coordination with the Cathedral, clergy, musicians and Létourneau organ staff.

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