Ken Stevens celebrates 90 years.

Ken Stevens, who is one of the Niagara Centre’s most long-standing and stalwart members, has celebrated his 90th birthday and we extend our heartiest congratulations to him. Both Ken and Crystal enjoy good health and Ken only recently ended his editing tasks with our website and The Niagara Nazard, an activity that exemplified his valuable […]
Pipe Organist Playing Injuries Survey due July 1, 2020

The RCCO has partnered with Sarah Svendsen to assist her in her Doctoral research project to study the impact of organ playing on musculoskeletal health as well as the workplace characteristics experienced by organists through an occupational health lens. Please see below from a message from Sarah and a link to take the online survey. […]
Insurance Tips for your organ

Luke Tegtmeir of the Muller Pipe Organ Company provides some common sense thoughts worth sharing with leadership of organizations where a pipe organ or electronic organ is part of the scheduled property. Follow the link below to read and download this article. Pipe Organ Insurance Luke Tegtmeier, “Your Pipe Organ and Insurance.” Reprinted from In […]
Well known hymnody in the jazz idiom for worship

Deanna Witkowski is the winner of the Great American Jazz Piano Competition and a past guest on Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz. From New York City this pianist/composer/arranger  has been heralded for her “consistently thrilling” playing and her “boundless imagination”. Deanna is a frequent presenter on jazz and spirituality and counts among her output eighty sacred […]
Helping your organ technician service your instrument

Luke Tegtmeir of the Muller Pipe Organ Company offers some tips to organists on how to maximize a service call beyond writing items in your service note book. Follow the link below to read and download this article. PIpe Organ Tuning – ALCM 2018 Luke Tegtmeier, “Maximizing your Pipe Organ Tuner’s Efficiency” Reprinted from In tempo, […]
Mendelssohn’s 210th anniversary of his birth is February 3, 2019

Sunday, February 3, 2019 marks the 210th anniversary of the birth of Felix Mendelssohn. Here’s a list of known Mendelssohn organ works to consider for your February service playing and recitals. Opus 37 and 65 are available for free download from IMSLP. Novello publishes the complete organ works. The six little pieces are in […]
Contrabombarde celebrates 10 years

Contrebombarde Concert Hall was a site initially created by Rob Stefanussen in 2008. If you don’t know Rob you should check out his YouTube page for some very creative arrangements of music plus performance of standard repertoire. Concert Hall is built to serve as an online space for Hauptwerk organists and enthusiasts to share and listen […]
The Musician’s Soul

It’s been nearly twenty years since Dr. James Jordan sat down and reflected on his own musical journey. In 1999 he took pen in hand to write The Musician’s Soul. In it he shares the vulnerability  of his personal music making and spiritual core to tap into a far deeper and inspired way of making […]