Contrebombarde Concert Hall was a site initially created by Rob Stefanussen in 2008. If you don’t know Rob you should check out his YouTube page for some very creative arrangements of music plus performance of standard repertoire.

1927 Casavant, University of Redlands, California, USA. one of many sampled Hauptwerk sets available for Hauptwerk installations

Concert Hall is built to serve as an online space for Hauptwerk organists and enthusiasts to share and listen to organ music recorded on Hauptwerk-based virtual pipe organs. In 2008 there were few places online where you would be able to find uploads of Hauptwerk performances. Since 2010, Markham, Ontario company MIDI Works maintains and continues to develop the Concert Hall.

Many people contribute to Concert Hall. Recent uploads include Ontario musician Mark Himmelman playing his new Christmas Carol setting of “What Lovely Fragrance” to  Carlotta Ferrari’s 2018 work, Enigma, performed by Carson Cooman to Salt Lake City Tabernacle Organist Richard Elliot‘s Toccata on “Angels We Have Heard on High”  performed by Rob Stefanussen. The site serves as a great way to expand your repertoire, learn about new works, as well as hear a variety of musicians from around the globe present their interpretations of many well-known organ works.

Concert Hall makes it easy for you to search by “latest uploads”, “recommended” works as well as create your own “playlist” as well as members to “follow”. For Hauptwerk users a forum is available to post and answer questions in addition to view the instruments and their sampled sets.

Registration is free. Follow this link to become a member.


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